Camp’s history: Martina Moravcova started the camp in 2010. For the first six years, the can took place in her home town of Piestany. In 2016, upon completion of the sport complex X-Bionic Sphere in Šamorín, near the capital of Bratislava, the camp has relocated to this luxurious sports facility.

High quality in luxurious environment. The camp organization prides itself on its high quality.  We keep a coach to swimmer ratio of 1:10 in order to facilitate the best educational experience for each swimmer. The swimmers are divided into subgroups by their age and physical abilities. We  stay at a four star hotel with full board - delicious meals are offered in a bufet style. Our team is easily identifiable by camp's t-shirt and swim cap. The gear is provided to each swimmer upon her/his arrival.

A big thanks. Fifty five participants are guaranteed a spot and are fully funded by the X-Bionic Sphere Foundation; of which 35 spots are allocated to winners "Win a free camp" contest and 20 places are awarded as wild cards. The participation in this contest and/or the wild cards are not available to unregistered/foreign swimmers. This is available only to the members of the Slovak swim clubs which are registered in the Slovak federation.

In this contest, two best girls and two best boys in each age group category win a free participation at the camp. Additionally, two most improved swimmers (by FINA points) from each age category (except 15year olds have only 1 spot) also win free participation at the camp. In summary, the total of 35 swimmers can win free camp for their exceptional swimming effort and we also award 20 wild cards to selected participants. In summary, the total of 55 spots are fully funded and guaranteed by the X-Bionic Sphere Foundation. This foundation also financially supports many other aspects of the camp's organization.

Aside daily discussions with coaches, we educate swimmers in the swimming technique. In the evenings we evaluate and critique videos of each swim stroke  and explain the basic as well as the advanced principles of each stroke technique. We use stroke demonstrations of world class swimmers. The following morning we pay close attention to reviewed stroke’s principles while  incorporating basic and more advanced drills in order to develop swimmer’s awareness and understanding of these principles.

Guest speakers: We invited guest speaker to educate kids in various topics and issues. Over the years, we listened to well known and established guest speakers from the field of medicine – sports doctor, MUDr. Ernest Zachar, doctor and expert on nutrition, MUDr. Igor Bukovský, many swimmers, Jana Korbašová (SVK – Olympian), Dinko Jukič (AUT - Olympian), Tomáš Klobučník (SVK – Olympian) whom came to demonstrate his breast stroke technique, myself and other coaches – former swimmers whom coach at this camp. We also had a visit from the NHL hockey star Zdeno Chára and the world class tennis player Dominique Hrbatý. One year, the most famous Slovak rapper Rytmus came to surprise kids. In 2016 the Slovak antidoping agency came to educate kids on dangers of using doping and risks of other prohibited substances as well as ton the essence and importance of fair play principles.

Extra feature available: A under / over the water videotaping and subsequent individual analysis of the swimmer’s stroke is available upon request and for a fee.

We have fun! Finding and building new friendships across the regions or even countries has been the most rewarding experience of each young participant. In addition, this brand new sport complex provides us with many facilities and zones that swimmers get to experience; such as beach volleyball courts, gymnastics hall, multi functional courts, gym, running track and more. The Aquarena's  toboggans or just warm pools to relax after an exhausting day of full activities are very popular with all ages. In the evening there is a unique Tuli Cinema available to relax.

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